DVD Training Copy

The same DVD included in all of our rope kits. To help customers make informed purchases, we strongly suggest you become familiar with the section on rope handling techniques as well as the portion on rope length and width. We also suggest you learn a few basic ties, so as to better understand and demonstrate the possibilities rope can provide.

All retailers receive one free copy along with their initial order. For shops with additional locations, or who have a larger staff, we are offering the DVD at a discount. These copies are not for retail sale.

This DVD includes:

  • Two Column Tie
  • Single Limb Cuff
  • Basic Chest Harness
  • Rope Handling Techniques
  • Rope Width & Length
  • Basic Hair Tie
  • One Column Tie
  • Basic Hog Tie
  • Chest & Leg Tie
  • Body Harness
  • Basic Head Bondage
  • Corset
  • High Speed Chest Harness
  • DeLano Hog Tie
  • Midori Lightning Harness
  • Midori Pocket Sling
  • DeLano Spreader Bar

$ 5.00