Purchasing Information

Why aren't all The Twisted Monk products available to retailers?

Unfortunately our exotic ropes and larger kits are incredibly labor intensive to make, and we cannot offer them in a quantity or at a price-point which is suitable for inclusion in our wholesale catalog. Specialty steel items such as rings and hooks are sold in partnership with the artisan, Wm. C. Steel. We are happy to make introductions, as he handles his wholesale availability himself.

Available for wholesale is a selection suitable for all our customers, however. We have carefully curated this selection to provide the most common and versatile rope selections while making purchasing and selling easy.

All offerings are available in seven stock colors (Natural, Black, Crimson, Violet, Grape, Blue, and Green). We have found Natural, Black, Crimson, and Violet to be our top-sellers in the brick-and-mortar retail environment, but your market may vary. All rope comes packaged for retail sale and display. Our rope is fully conditioned and ready to use as soon as your customer gets it home.

Rope Kits provide a platform upon which our retailers can build a sale tying in additional products from their full retail inventory. They are top performers and aid in individual rope sales. All of our retail kits come with a copy of our Getting Started DVD, a pair of Safety Shears, and a Quick Reference Safety Card.

Individual Ropes allow customers to expand upon their initial purchases, creating repeat clientele. They are also an easy way to expand for first-time buyers wishing to be more adventurous.

Regarding training materials, floor samples, event swag, and kits

With your initial purchase we will include an extra copy of our Getting Started DVD for staff education and a 30ft length of rope for use as a floor/demonstration model. Please note that floor model rope may contain “factory second” dyelot imperfections, but is otherwise fully indicative of our product. This rope has undergone the same conditioning, finishing, and hand-whipping for which The Twisted Monk is known.

Our kits are sold as whole units and are not to be dismantled for individual sale. We offer retail-packaged individual lengths of rope for customers who prefer to buy their ropes a la carte.

Training and demonstration materials are provided in good-faith to educate sales representatives about our product and help customers make an informed purchase. Event donations are swag provided for fun and entertainment and may not fully reflect our finished product.These materials are not for retail sale.

Sales of training materials, floor samples, event swag, and/or disassembled kits is disheartening to discover, endangers our relationships with stores and events, and damages our reputation as a business. Please be aware that discovery of these practices by any of our retailer partners are considered grounds for terminating the wholesale relationship.

Buying guidelines

A few suggestions to make these orders the most efficient for you as possible:

  • Placing smaller, more frequent orders helps us provide a faster order turn-around for you. Within our five unit minimum you may mix-and-match your colors, however the fewer color variables per order the faster we will be able to ship your rope.
  • When placing larger orders, or orders with a wide cross-section of our color range, let us know if it's OK for us to short-ship your order in increments. Sometimes an order can get held up as we process a dyebath or two. This helps get you your rope faster.
  • Place orders before you are sold out. If this isn't possible, please let us know on your order that you are currently sold out of our rope (or of a particular portion of your order) and we will do our best to get that out to you as quickly as possible. 


Payment is due at the time of ordering via credit card. We accept MasterCard, VISA, American Express, or Discover cards. Sorry we do not accept checks, COD, or Net 30.

Minimum purchase of five units per item. Turnaround time of retailer orders is dependent on our business levels. Most orders will be completed and shipped within 2-3 weeks. Due to high demand during the holiday season, wholesale orders placed between November 15 and February 20 are not guaranteed to be fulfilled until AFTER the holiday rush. Please plan accordingly with order placement.


If you have a UPS account to which you would like your shipping to be billed directly through, please select the UPS billing option at checkout, and make sure you have provided your account number in the notes on your order. You may also choose for us to ship via USPS Priority Mail and invoice you separately at the time of shipment based on order weight and size. To our Seattle area retailers we offer free delivery.