Selling Points

Why The Twisted Monk rope?

Since 2004 The Twisted Monk has been producing the finest quality hemp rope for bondage as well as the art and film industries. We are featured in numerous instructional books on rope bondage and are the preferred rope for, rope lovers, and educators worldwide. Dedicated to eco-consciousness and fair-trade business, The Twisted Monk offers hand-finished hemp rope of unparalleled quality that is ethically sourced, vegan friendly, and sex-positive.

The Twisted Monk dedication to customer service and safety:

We back our trademark hand-whipped ends with a lifetime guarantee. Should the whippings ever come undone, we will repair the rope at no cost. We understand that quality rope is expensive, but rope is replaceable and people are not. This is why we include safety shears in our Starter Kits, and in the event that a customer has to cut their rope during an emergency we will gladly replace their rope. Customers needing to make a warranty claim should contact us directly at

Why hemp rope?

Hemp rope, aside from being considered a more traditional choice for rope bondage, has a unique texture and naturally sweet grassy scent. Hemp rope tends to friction-burn less easily than cotton or synthetic ropes when drawn across the skin. Unlike cotton and synthetic ropes which are typically braided, ours are a more robust twisted rope which holds knots effortlessly while still being easy to untie. Monk also particularly likes the connection with the rope that is developed through use, as the rope ages uniquely to each individual's tying style.

About our product selection:

We offer two types of products- rope kits and individual ropes. We strongly recommend building the base of your inventory on kits.

Hemp Rope Kits appeal to a wide range of customers and aid in building sales and clientele better than single ropes. Available in two styles and seven stock colors.

Our Starter Kit is an excellent choice for all customers. Offered in 6mm, our most versatile rope, the Starter Kit continues to be a best-seller. We recommend these kits for all retailers. Contents: 2x10ft & 1x30ft 6mm Hemp Rope, Safety Shears, Getting Started DVD, Quick Reference Safety Card

The Robust Kit was designed to provide an option similar to our Starter Kit for customers and retail markets which prefer the heavier 8mm rope. Contents: 2x15ft & 1x40ft 8mm Hemp Rope, Safety Shears, Getting Started DVD, Quick Reference Safety Card

Individual Hemp Ropes allow customers looking to expand on their initial purchases, creating repeat clientele, and are an easy way to expand for first-time buyers wishing to be more adventurous. Available in three diameters, several length options, and seven stock colors.

4mm diameter rope is for detail work only and should never be recommended for suspension. This narrow rope is very well suited for crotch-lines, CBT, hand/foot bondage, face bondage, and hair ties. Available in 15ft lengths.

6mm diameter rope is our most popular, versatile, and recognized variety of rope. This rope is equivalent in diameter to most cotton and synthetic bondage rope sold by major manufacturers in the industry and is the rope most utilized in instructional books, video, and workshops. 6mm rope is safe for all skill levels, from bedroom bondage to advanced rope suspensions. This is the rope we recommend for most retailers and customers. Available in 30ft and 50ft lengths.

8mm diameter rope is typically more popular within the gay/Leather communities. This rope is thicker and heavier, making it slightly more preferable for larger or muscle-bound bodies. The larger diameter of this rope does make the knots bulkier, meaning longer lengths are required for many ties. Available in 15ft, 30ft, and 50ft lengths.

Below is an excerpt from our Getting Started DVD which provides a more visual demonstration of the differences between 4mm, 6mm, and 8mm hemp rope.

Building sales with Twisted Monk rope

Cross-linking sales throughout your entire inventory is easy! Consider selling rope as:

  • a softer, more adjustable, alternative to handcuffs
  • a connector for classic bondage cuffs or collars
  • custom-fit cockrings/cock-cages
  • packing straps- particularly with firmer packers or with realistic STP styles
  • a customizable color co-ordinated strap-on harness- excellent for adding more stability to "strapless" models
  • a butt-plug harness- ideal with loop or ring style plug bases
  • "orgasm belts" for wand-style vibrators
  • position aids- rope makes a perfect custom-fit sex sling!
  • fashion/fetishwear- easily tied with a 50ft, or a couple 30ft for a multi-color effect!
  • lingerie- body harnesses can even be worn incognito under clothing!

Customers buying our rope may also be interested in:

  • safety shears- particularly for those who opt for individual lengths of rope, safety shears (also known as utility shears, EMT shears, or bandage scissors) are a must-have
  • educational rope books- we highly recommend Lee Harrington's Shibari You Can Use, Chanta Rose's Bondage For Sex, and Two Knotty Boys' Two Knotty Boys Show You The Ropes
  • educational kink/BDSM DVDs- Tristan Taormino, Midori, and Nina Hartley have some great options
  • under-the-bed or over-the-door restraint straps
  • all-natural unscented intimate cleansers- Sliquid Splash makes a great rope wash