March Updates

Greetings Friends-

We have been busy making a lot of changes following our 10th anniversary and are just about to unveil all our hard work. We’ve made a lot of changes, many based on your suggestions!

An all-new website with our new wholesale portal!
We will soon be launching a brand new, and along with that we’ll be providing you an easy-to-use online portal. You’ll be able to order your products online, request retailer support items, and find helpful selling tips.

Updated color naming!
We know. Our old color naming has been a point of contention for a while. With our 10th anniversary and the new site, it was time for us to say goodbye to the old naming scheme and provide more descriptive and welcoming colors. All of our ropes are now named simply by their colors with no jokes or puns. Brand new product images which reflect this change are now available.

New product options!
We’ll be providing few new options on our wholesale products, allowing you more customization based on your local market.

Quick-Reference Safety Cards
The Twisted Monk has paired up with bondage safety resource Remedial Ropes to include a quick-reference card in all our starter kits. These cards provide an overview of safety for both rope bottoms and rope tops. Kits are already shipping with these cards included. If you would like to have individual cards available at your shops, please contact

Retailer listings!
Buying local is important to us, and we want to help our customers do just that. To better promote you and help connect customers in your area who are looking for rope, we are adding a “Where To Buy” page to our site. Please send us a 160x160px version of your logo for this page so we can include you.